The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 16: Wrath: Season Finale

I give this episode a 70 out of 100.

Overall, weak sauce for me; very anticlimatic.

From a Comic Book and TV Show perspective, they did manage to tie some story elements together in this episode that are in both mediums. Hey, that kind of attention to the audience was kind of nifty (for us folks that follow both), but what about the price of doing that? I was surprised by the outcome of the war. Inspite of Eugene’s clever work with the bullets, I felt it kind of ended with a wimper after two seasons of building it out and up.

I feel like I am not exactly sure what this season built up to or into. The goals and objects of the war seems different for different characters. I never felt a victory or an impact when someone was eliminated on either side. It always felt like the focus wasn’t about how people affected the plot but rather how certain individual members of the groups vacillated between wanting to capture or kill the enemy.

*Eugene* gets wedged back into the Alexandria fold by surprising everyone with bad ammunition to bring the war to a halt. It was never fully clear who’s side he is on. Then again, we can explain away that by simply saying he’s a coward doing what he needs to do at the time for whomever he’s a captive of. That bent of thought preserves him as the shows best wild card (besides Negan).

*Dwight* gets to see if Sherry got his note and she does and it’s clear she still loves him. As a couple they have had to keep their relationship on the down low because of Negan, however their relationship has been off and on.

*Daryl* lets Dwight go and has it in for Rick because he kept Negan alive. Why did he let Dwight go if he believes in an eye for an eye? (See: the Bad). Wouldn’t going after Rick make sense if he killed Dwight?

*Morgan* seems to go between being normal and believing that everyone ends up being a zombie so you might as well kill everyone before that happens.

*Rick* seems to go between believing everyone deserves a second chance and showing no mercy.

*Negan* being put on ice now (jail). Does that technically make Negan a potential wildcard in the future?

Other Observations:

* Who would have thought stain glass windows hanging from a tree (in the middle of nowhere) would have provided the glass shard used to end the war by opening up Negan’s throat? Aren’t they clever for putting the stain glass puffy red eyed Rick scenes all the way at the beginning of the season as a foreshadow. (Why is Rick puffy eyed BTW after defeating Negan? Shouldn’t that be a cause for celebration? No doubt it must be because Carl isn’t there to celebrate that with him. Is it a victory though?)

* How convenient was that slash Rick did that allowed Negan to live if he held pressure on the wound? How confusing was that?

Certain things that happened hint of bigger settlements that are out there:

* Heath’s glasses being found next to a key card.

* The door to door trio riding around the countryside in a van looking for vinyl in exchange for their freaky ‘do it yourself’ guide to survival in the apocalypse.

* The junkyard having a helipad and both Rick and Negan seeing a helicopter and Jaddis waiting for one.

Other things were left with no resolution, however for how long?

* Negan not paying for Abraham or Glen’s deaths.
* Dwight not paying for Denise’s death.

Summary with comments:

* Rick responds to Carl with a letter of his own. He talks about a memory with Carl where he was leading him down a road and then realized that all that time Carl was leading him down a path instead. For me, this taps into the notion that teaching children leads to them teaching the parents important life lessons. I think Carl is trying to impart a life lesson of humanity over ego. This has been said by Rick, Carl, Jesus and a few other characters this season and last season.

* Negan sets up his own men by having them be at the points he marked on the map that Dwight gave to Gregory. He did this so Rick would put his crew into a hilltop position (overlooking a massive swarm of walkers) that is surrounded by Saviors.

* Saviors attack the Hilltop. Tara has them escape through a tunnel. The Saviors are firebombed by the Oceansiders.

* Eugene has his crew make bullets improperly which causes all the Savior’s weapons to explode in their hands; ending the war against the Saviors.

* Rick slashes Negan’s throat from a piece of glass that came from a hanging pane of painted glass on a tree in the middle of nowhere. Apparently there’s a species of tree which bears fruit that looks like painted glass that can be made into shards that can be used for killing. How convenient! He orders Siddiq to save him which causes Maggie and several others to start screaming in an uproar because they want him dead.

* The Saviors that were surrounding them all surrender and the war is over.

* Rick and Michonne want to keep Negan alive to rot in prison and show everyone how there are other ways for humans to coexist other than this old way.

* Maggie, Daryl and Jesus think keeping Negan alive was wrong (although Rick was right about the Saviors) and they will make their move against Rick and Michonne when they have enough forces. (Not sure what that means exactly.) Will they kill just Negan or also Rick and Michonne? It’s hard to tell how severe the impact of their words are.

* Father Gabriel visits the burned out church in Alexandria and thanks God for helping him see.

* Morgan decides to go. He visits Jaddis who he persuades to go be with Rick while he takes up temporary residency there.

* Jesus, Carol and Rick stop by the junkyard and try and persuade Morgan to come back, however he doesn’t want to.

* Morgan runs, walks and takes cars all the way to Texas.

* Morgan runs into a gun slinger, a videographer and is ambushed by other members of the cast of the Fear of the Walking Dead.

The Good:

* Jaddis’ real name is Anne.

* I actually like that they captured Negan. He’s too complex to get off that easy. His death has to be a grand spectacle (hopefully an ironic one where he saves someone by giving up his own life). How good would that be?

The Bad:

* Inconsistent Daryl behavior. Daryl lets’ Dwight go after killing Denise, yet he wants Negan dead?
Not sure what the thought process is there. Perhaps he couldn’t stop Denise from getting killed, however he didn’t have to hit one of the Saviors that ended up with Glen Rhee being executed?

* The war ends with a wimper. No major characters die any sort of dramatic spectacular deaths. All extras paying the price. Basically the Alexandrians are surrounded; some taunting by the Saviors; firearms backfiring; surrenders; Rick and Negan fight and it quickly.


* What happened to Heath?
* Who owns the helicopter?
* Can Father Gabriel see now?
* Where is Sherry?
* What will happen to Dwight? Will he meet up with Sherry?
* What exactly is Maggie waiting for with Rick? Is she waiting for a weakness in his defenses? A clear margin of force of Alexandria? Unclear.



The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 15: Worth

I give this episode a 75 out of 100.

Overall, I think this is the best written show this season (which isn’t saying much). A few things stood out:

* Great development as far as Negan’s ability to judge internally the plots against him and to change his plans at the drop of a hat.

* The way Gregory was handled in the past two episodes has been a bit flimsy (See: the Bad).

* Big Reveal: Simon ran the Sanctuary before Negan and was responsible for killing all the men at Oceanside!

Summary with comments:

* Rick reads the letter Carl left for him, which I thought was emotionally moving in terms of the hopes and viewpoint of a child. Carl always felt safe around Rick and felt that was what life was about for when he grew older. He wants Rick to make peace so that everyone can pass on the feeling of being safe to their children again (including Judith).

* Gregory somehow makes it back to the Sanctuary (SEE: The Bad) and sides with Simon.

* Eugene tells his minions that Simon is in charge and has stepped up bullet production. He takes Father Gabriel off of bullet production because he figures out that he is purposely messing up the making of the bullets. Eugene goes outside to test rounds that were made and is captured by Rosita and Daryl and they run off with him towards the Hilltop.

* Negan surprises Dwight in the courtyard and tests his allegiances.

* Negan confronts Simon, who asks for a pass on his move to exterminate rather than infect the folks at Hilltop. Negan makes it clear that in the past it was Dwight that ran the Sanctuary before him and it was revealed that he was the one who killed all the men from Oceanside (not Negan). Negan forgives him.

* Negan lays out a plan to surround the Hilltop with caches of ammo so they can focus on picking off Hill toppers one at a time. I guessing the gradual plan is to starve them into surrender. He asks everyone to leave but Dwight.

* Rosita calls out Eugene for the traitor that he is (because he assisted the Saviors with their escape from the Sanctuary) and put all the deaths that occurred after that on him. Rosita wants to put him in the darkest hole and using his brains to make the world a better place.

* Eugene forces himself to throw up all over Rosita and hides in a pile of body ashes; escaping. He makes his way back to the bullet factory.

* Simon has a talk with Dwight and wants him to meet them all in the courtyard after rounds to discuss their plan for taking Negan down.

* Aaron is camped outside of the Oceansiders compound and fights off walkers. The Oceansiders find him and he struggles to convince them to fight against the Saviors; just like he fought the walkers around him.

* Dwight meets Simon, Gregory and some Saviors in the courtyard and Simon tries to persuade Dwight to be the one that takes out Negan (since he has the most beefs with him.) Negan shows up (probably because Dwight told on Simon to Negan behind closed doors.)

* Negan has a meeting with Simon surrounded by Saviors inside the Sanctuary and tells everyone how Simon went against his word and killed all the garbage people. He tells Simon that he’s going to give him one last shot to kill him to be the man. Negan fights Simon and wins with strangulation. Simon’s walker body is tied to the front gate with all the other walker bodies.

* Negan brings Dwight into a room where he reveals Laura, who he double crossed. She told Negan that Dwight tried to kill her and how he killed all the other Saviors in their party. Negan figures out it was Dwight who told Rick when to attack; how to get to the outposts and killing Sherry.

* Negan reveals he gave fake plans to Dwight that were sent through Gregory to Maggie to set up at trap.

* Michonne walkie talkies Negan and reads Carl’s letter to him. Carl says the way out is working together. You can see he’s affected although he vows to kill them all.

The Good:

* I loved Negan’s maneuverings. I loved how he reacted to Carl’s letter. He’s definitely getting more complex than I had in my mind previous to this episode.

* Big Reveal: Simon ran the Sanctuary before Negan and was responsible for killing all the men at Oceanside.

The Bad:

* Gregory. Someone has to explain how he escaped Hilltop; and was not amongst those in the Dive bar. How did he escape? Somehow Gregory makes it to Sanctuary. How did he do that? Gregory escapes execution fire in the courtyard (although he is out there with Simon and Dwight)? How do they know he isn’t on Simon’s side? Gregory is also trusted (as well as his intel) after he has escaped the Hilltop by Maggie and is allowed back in the compound?

* I understand that Negan killed Dwight partially for disobeying his orders. Now, that Simon is out of the way Negan is going with Simon’s plan to kill them all. You would think after Negan made such a large speech about using people as resources to Simon that his plans would still reflect that kind of logic. What exactly has transpired on the Hilltop side that has ratcheted up Negan to change the way he looks at things?


* What will happen to Dwight? Will they set him up so Rick kills him rather than kill him themselves?

* Does Maggie believe the plans brought over by Gregory and Dwight?


The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 14: Still Gotta Mean Something

I give this episode a 67 out of 100.

Overall, I liked the writing on this episode better than the last. The story-lines made sense for the most part. I must admit though the scenes with Jadis and Negan were long and not as suspenseful as I would have liked. It’s clear that Jadis was waiting for something and I like how it was the helicopter.

A few things that stand out. Simon says the following Jadis back in S8E10: ‘What’s the deal with the helipad in back? The solar panels? What was this place?’ Jadis says: ‘A dump.’

A helicopter shows up this episode that Rick spotted in a previous episode. Obviously either the helicopter belongs there or the dump is linked to another community. Perhaps it’s drawn to the area because of their being a helipad?

Rick has mentioned to Negan in S8E10 that Carl had written him a letter; telling him to stop fighting. After hearing Rick didn’t read his letter I was a bit confused remembering this dialog. So I am guessing Rick was referring back then to Carl’s last verbal words.

Summary with comments

* Jaddis has a hidden birch lined storage container that has skylights; bed and living space (possibly under a pile of junk). For some reason, she’s waiting for something with Negan’s bat. She takes Negan out if his own storage crate and wheels him out tied to flat topped scooter.

* At the Hilltop Maggie and crew are looking and trying to track down escaped Saviors. Some of them didn’t flee. They stayed to help secure the doors and around the compound.

* Henry is missing and Morgan and Carol go out looking for him.

* Tara talks to Daryl about her wound. It’s been a day and she’s not been sick and thinks Dwight shot her on purpose with a clean arrow and that they should see this as a sign of trust and try to work with him again. Daryl is reluctant.

* Michonne tries to convince Rick to read the letter that Carl left for him however it’s just too painful.

* Rosita decides to track down Eugene to eliminate the Saviors bullet maker and get ammo for the Hilltop.

* Negan tries to reason with Jadis; explaining and apologizing he didn’t authorize the killing of her people.

* Carol and Morgan separate near a herd of walkers. Morgan thinks Henry is dead and Carol thinks he’s still alive.

* Rick questions one of the Saviors at Hilltop who tells him about a dive bar the escapees might be hold up in and asks Rick to try and bring back some of them who think they made a mistake by running. Rick says he would try and sets off to find them.

* Negan gets a hold of a gun and a flare which he uses to threaten to burn Jadis’ pictures if she doesn’t release him. She rolled up with a zombie on a cart to kill him. She talks to him about how he took her life away and he confides to her that Lucille is only memento he has of his wife and Jadis was going to burn it.

* Jadis puts out the flare Negan has in his hand as a Helicopter flies over head. Jadis runs to get another flare and lights it after the helicopter flies off.

* Rick and Morgan find each other in the woods and are knocked out and taken prisoner by the Saviors in the dive bar. Some of the Saviors want to deliver Rick to Negan and the other ones want to release Rick and Morgan and go back with them to Hilltop. Rick tries to persuade them to release him and go back with him before the herd of walkers
get there. However, the walker herd arrives and starts munching on them. They untie Rick and Morgan and give them their weapons so they can fight off the Zombies. As that happens Rick and Morgan kill everyone; including the man that killed Henry’s brother. Morgan holds him in place while Zombies devour him from behind.

* Rick can feel Morgan slipping out of sanity and asks him why Morgan save him? He said because his son Duane was there.

* Carol finds and rescues Henry from walkers on the side of small river and takes him back to Hilltop.

* Rick and Morgan meet everyone back at the Hilltop and Henry approaches Morgand and tells him that he killed the man who killed his brother and Henry apologizes. Morgan tells him never to be sorry and walks away to be by himself.

* Rosita finds Eugene’s bullet factory and starts casing out the place.

* Rick goes back into his room and tries to read the letter from Carl.

* Negan leaves Jadis at the dump and heads back to the Sanctuary and picks up someone on the way there and tells the guards at the gate to not alert anyone that he is back because he wants to surprise them.

The Good:

* I could feel Rick’s reluctance not wanting to read the letter from Carl and deal with his death. His rampage with Morgan to some extent was understandable as a projection of his own anger at Carl’s death. I wonder if Rick knows his anger is misplaced. When he tried to read the letter after the rampage it made me feel that maybe his rampage with Morgan was a message to Negan and the Saviors. That being said, Simon said he didn’t care whether those men lived or died in the previous episode.

* I like how Rick gave his word to the Savior at Hilltop and then broke it and how Negan gave his word to Jadis and kept it. (Well I guess we will see for sure if he delivers Simon’s head to her on a silver platter.)

* Carol gets to save her daughter in a way by saving Henry. I felt her empowerment there. Great actress BTW.

The Bad:

* I didn’t feel any suspense or danger with Negan or Jadis until Negan was facing her while she had her back turned toward him and she was looking at her photographs. Even then though, Negan has put enough of his word out there to stand by what he says, so if he had turned on Jadis that would have put a dent in his integrity.


* Is Simon a Walking Dead man? Once Negan confronts him he may be put to death so Negan can regain control over the Saviors?

* Was Negan’s car companion Laura or maybe Sherry? (Laura ran away from Dwight when he shot all the Saviors on the road a few episodes ago.)

* Why didn’t the Helicopter land on Jadis’ landing pad? The copter was not that high up, it had to have seen Negan at the very least, so why didn’t it land?


The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 13: Do Not Send Us Astray

I give this episode a 65 out of 100.

The problem with the story telling now is that now it is all being used to set up action pieces and made to fit and it doesn’t fit and it has effected the overall story and sense of the writing.

The action here being Zombies biting and attacking Hill-toppers while they sleep and the Saviors getting away. That was obviously the set piece.

Apparently the writers have determined that the only way they can get zombies to amass and bite hill toppers (in a dramatic enough scene) is to not have guards posted to watch the Hilltop during the war (inside and out). Also to not have a logical quarantine for the wounded during the war that you would expect to be in place (especially after life at the prison.) Let’s also have Carol not stay with Tobin while he is recovering and have her race in to protect him later on for a little extra suspense. This didn’t work for me.

How can the Savior prisoners escape if there are guards on all the walls looking down at them? So they are absent when Henry shows up with his assault weapon.

However, there’s an elaborate relay system that alerts the Hill-toppers of the Saviors coming miles away with air horns before the battle.

It’s the first night after the first set of Hilltop Sorties there’s no system of monitoring internally to Hilltop (after the attack) in case there’s another attack or people dying due to injuries in the form of a walker attack? Really?

Summary with comments

* Simon tells Maggie his 38 men are dead men to him (so she can’t use them to bargain with Simon.)

* Simon tells Dwight they will get on with their extinction plan and Dwight argues that’s not what Negan wanted.

* Dwight and Simon attack Hilltop.

* Tara gets hit with an arrow and is okay.

* The Battle around the Hilltop goes on with wounded being dragged into the main building. Some people with cuts.

* Tobin is among the wounded and Carol goes to check on him.

* During the night people die and turn into walkers and attack the Hill-toppers.

* For some reason Henry (doesn’t believe Morgan about who killed his brother) and goes out to the captured Saviors to see who did it. (Somehow he is not seen by anyone who was manning the wall) and walkers attack them inside the prison.
Henry lets them all out.

The Good:

* I like the fact that Morgan is seeing Gavin’s ghost. He appears to feel some guilt about his relentless recent killing attitude.

* Special FX were good.

The Bad:

* Henry lets out the prisoner Saviors; with no lookouts up on the wall watching?? Really? Shouldn’t the whole camp have lookouts that would have seen this?

* No lookouts or guards for those that are sick in case they turn? That goes against canon; considering in the prison they went to measures of separating the sick from everyone else.


* Is Simon a Walking Dead man? Once Negan confronts him he may be put to death so Negan can regain control over the Saviors.

* Was Dwight’s arrow gunked up with Walker bits? Will Tara die?


The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 12: The Key

I give this episode a 55 out of 100. .

I hated this episode. The ‘key’ that is missing here I think is to get back to good sensible writing that supports canon. This episode jumps the shark with Fonzie from Happy Days.

Don’t get me wrong, if the ‘key’ represents the secret technology sauce required to get humanity on track, then that is the injection this show needs. Why bury the ‘key’ in a bath of horrible dialog, poor thought out entrance of new characters (as far as how they came into the picture) and put it’s value at the price of non spoken word vinyl records?.

There was bad everything here (except shooting angles and special effects): this includes:

– Bad story writing;
– Poor directional dialog;
– Poor choices of blocking;
– Dialog that didn’t make any sense. (See: The Bad). I think Jaddis and the trash people are more tolerable then Georgie, Midge and Hilda.
– Characters showing up for shock value but no sense with regard to canon.
– Contradictory lines given to Simon to the Saviors.

Simon is so impatient with how fast the action has been moving this season, that he goes inside of one speech from saying he doesn’t know where Negan is, to stating Rick and company had done something to Negan and from continuing to enact Negan’s scare tactic plan to demanding out an out annihilation. Huh? No one questions his statements? (See The Bad).

I will let the dialog speak for itself in the Good and Bad below…

* Worst dialog award goes to Georgie, Midge and Hilda: ‘I know “trust” probably sounds like a made-up word now, like libberschticky. Or klompf. Or moisture.’

Summary with comments

* Negan greets Dwight with beers and tests.

* The Saviors load up their weapons with Walker guts for bacteriological warfare.

* Simon and Dwight ride alone and Simon persuades Dwight to plot their own path.

* Rick plots with his crew at Hilltop and sets up lookout points to ambush Negan and the Saviors.

* Negan rides by himself and gets sideswiped by Rick.

* Maggie finds a note with crates that appears in front of Hilltop asking for Vinyl records in exchange for a key and there was a meeting place disclosed to discuss the offer. (I guess the revival of Vinyl has pushed into the writers room for the TWD and the apocalypse. No spoken word, so William Shatner is off the table as a bargaining chip.)

* Maggie sets off with Michonne and Enid with Rosita as back up to check out the offer (against all common sense. Suspense for me immediately killed as to whether their lives were in danger.)

They meet a weird vehicle at a cross roads. (True to the point of no threat). A well dressed woman named Georgie and her crew of two offer a ‘Key’ to their future in exchange for Vinyl records. (SEE the bad). Rosita sneaks up from the rear and disarms Hilda and Midge with Enid. Georgie has no weapons and they spot four crates of food in the van that Hilltop needs. Maggie orders to bring them back to Hilltop. (I believe Timothy Leary offered Cheech Marin a ‘key’ as well in Nice Dreams:)
I am thinking this way because these people seem to be oblvious to the war the Hilltop is involved in. Now they are expecting Maggie and her crew to stop preparing their defenses to find all available vinyl at Hilltop? This is like Jaddis painting cats in Junkyards. What’s next? Someone offering to read people’s palms for hot wheels cars?

* Negan and Rick duke it out in abandoned building full of walkers; where Negan (while fleeing Rick) offers Rick 25% tribute that the Hilltop could give to the Saviors to be back in good graces. Rick tries to kill Negan the whole time and gets a hold of Lucille. Rick tells Negan the Saviors are over and will never trust them after what they did the trash people. Negan looks surprised (as he realizes Simon has gone rogue) and Rick starts bashing Lucille into bits and somehow Negan finds him and they fight again.

* Back at the Hilltop, Enid meets with Maggie and Michonne and tries to convince them to take the food. Michonne refuses telling her that Carl saved Siddiq and now they have a Dr and with this group they now have a friend.

* Georgie agrees to give them part of the food since she sees they are starving (wouldn’t they have assessed that when they originally left the sign for records?). And give them the key, which is a book on how to build, wind and water mills and grain silos and encourages them to build up their community (how about joining in on the out and out warfare that’s going on now?) Is Georgie’s group that oblivious or lucky for not running into Negan where all they need is Vinyl and not food stores?

*Simon and Dwight find Negan’s car abandoned and rather than try and find them, agree to tell folks he’s lost and Dwight sets it on fire and they head back to the other Saviors.

* Simon convinces the Saviors to go on without Negan and annihilate the Hilltop folks.

* Negan escapes Rick’s wrath only to be captured by Jaddis who is driving him somewhere and she knocks him out with her weapon.

The Good:

* Jaddis captures Negan. Does she see Rick is there too?

*The special effects were great.

* Rick tells Negan that the Saviors annihilated the trash people. We got to see Negan’s reaction and see parts of his world collapse with that exchange.

The Bad:

* Dialog that makes no sense ” ‘I know “trust” probably sounds like a made-up word now, like libberschticky. Or klompf. Or moisture.” This was stupid dialog.

* So a well dressed woman named Georgie offers plans for building a civilization for vinyl records during an all out war between the Hilltop with the Saviors? There’s a few plot holes here. Let’s assume if they just need vinyl that Georgie and her crew are with a much bigger group that is so well civilized to only care for Vinyl. If that is the case, why give Maggie plans instead of helping her group out with the Saviors with weapons or a defense force? They gotta know the Saviors are out there and that they are threat to the Hilltop (and of course themselves.) Unless they know somehow that Hilltop will be okay (because they are secretly surrounding the entire area waiting to assist). Either that or they are just an oblivious little group of weirdos trying to amass the world’s biggest vinyl collection; rambling in their van across the countryside. Perhaps they live in a record dump like the garbage people? Are we supposed to doubt whether the key has real plans? What if it didn’t? Then this whole thing becomes even more silly with Georgie just being a crazy trying to swap a book of made up gibberish used to horns-waggle the last of humanity out of it’s precious vinyl record resources. So obviously the book is for real. If we were supposed to feel suspense wondering about that aspect, then there is epic failure at conveying that.

* Michonne tells Enid that Carl wants them to fight the Saviors to bring about a better outcome. Really? Carl’s note to Rick was to stop fighting. Contradiction with Canon.

* Simon during the same speech tells the Savior’s

‘We don’t know if (Negan)’s “gone” gone. He could very well be back’…’Our plan Negan’s plan was to go on to Hilltop and put the fear of God in these people so that, finally, once and for all, they get with the program. But after what just happened;

(Why isn’t someone saying: What happened? You just said you don’t know what happened?),

what they did to Negan;

(Why isn’t someone saying: You don’t know what they did to Negan),

that tells me that what we need from them is beyond them…. It’s time we come to accept that…And once we do, it’ll become crystal clear there’s only one thing left for us to do. We must expunge them. We must redact them! They are a mistake that we shall now erase. We are moving on.’

(Why isn’t someone saying: ‘What happened to Negan? You just said we don’t know if he’s gone gone?’. ‘Why aren’t we enacting the plan of scaring these people rather than out an out killing them?)

Instead everyone blindly follows Simon. I thought this was very tropic, stupidly simplistic writing I have seen in shows that have far less production values than the Walking Dead. We have sunk to new lows in my opinion.


*Will Laura show up to the Sanctuary and out Dwight for his double cross?

*Where is Jaddis taking Negan? If it’s to the Hilltop, then why didn’t Jaddis wait for Rick to come out of the building? She was obviously watching what was going on?

* Where are the Hilltop folks who were with Rick? Are they now going to attack the Saviors? Did anyone go with Rick? He was going to hit the horn of his car when he spotted Negan’s car. That implies someone was out there with him from Hilltop.



The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 11: Dead Or Alive Or

I give this episode a 73 out of 100.

I thought the character moments were on par or slighter better than those in the past two episodes. There was nice interlacing of scenes between five groups: Eugene and Negan, Savior scouts, Carson and Gabriel, Maggie and Hilltop and Daryl and escape crew. The dialog in the swamps could have been much better that it was; particularly Daryl’s dialog.

What do you suppose goes after the final *or* in the title? Screwed?

Plot Summary with comments:

*Dr. Carson and Father Gabriel escape the Sanctuary and the Saviors are out looking for them.

*Daryl, Tara, Rosita and the Alexandrians stay off the roads to avoid capture. They hear about Dr. Carson and Father Gabriel’s escape from a Savior walkie talkie exchange while positioned hidden under a highway overpass.

*There’s palpable tension between Tara and Daryl over whether they should kill Dwight.

*Dr. Carson and Gabriel struggle to get their bearings in a car that breaks down. Gabriel believes god is leading the way and Carson begs to differ.


*Gabriel’s vision is damaged due to his infection and needs antibiotics. Carson says there are antibiotics stashed at the Hilltop.

*Gabriel hears a metallic bell sound which brings him to a camouflaged radio station.

*Rosita has Daryl rest the crew and Tara keeps pushing to kill Dwight.

*At the Hilltop Maggie observes Morgan, Henry and Carol watching the Savior prisoners, who are creeped out by Henry. Henry asks which one of them killed his brother and Carol sends him off to eat. Carol and Morgan talk about Henry. Morgan thinks he’s fine for wanting to avenge his brother and Carol doesn’t because he is a child and takes the time to relay to Morgan she feels she doesn’t think he’s well either.

*Negan tests Eugene about the escape of Carson and Gabriel. You get the feeling he doesn’t trust Eugene because he says he will get the truth out of them when he captures them. He informs Eugene he will head his own outpost with Security (Frankie and Tanya) while he makes bullets for the Saviors.

*Gabriel finds a piggy bank with something inside. Carson opens a bedroom door and finds a zombie cuffed to a bed with a bag over his head surrounded by pill bottles on the floor.

*Daryl, Rosita try to plot their trip to Hilltop. Dwight recommends the swamps since Negan told the Saviors to avoid them. Tara says why believe him and Dwight reminds them that he killed his own people and one escaped which could turn him into Negan if he goes back to the Saviors. They choose to take Dwight’s advice.

*Maggie watches baby Grace and finds out they are running low on rations.

*Carson finds a gun in the radio station and Gabriel points to antibiotics that Carson says will help with his infection. This reaffirms Gabriel’s faith in God.

*Dwight tries to convince Daryl if he goes back the woman (Laura)who escaped will turn him in. They start to push through a path through the swamps; getting rid of Walkers on the way. Tara hangs back watching Dwight while they do that.

*Maggie goes to visit Gregory at the prison lockup and denies his release. She reminds the Saviors they are the enemy and they plead for time outside the cell for good behavior. She denies it and cuts off their rations.

*Daryl, Rosita and Siddiq continue to dredge the swamps of walkers. Tara sends Dwight with a knife to kill walkers who are coming towards their party.

* Gabriel’s fever has broken and has permanent eye sight damage. Carson questions Gabriel’s peacefulness about his situation and he knocks over the piggy bank revealing car keys and map to Barrington House Living History museum.

*Dwight apologizes for killing Denise and kills the last walker and Tara decides to take him out. He flees and she pursues him. They stop at the edge of a clearing and she almost takes him out when they spot Saviors entering the clearing and they hide.

*Carson makes for the museum; leaving Gabriel behind. Gabriel hears another clanging and reads a sign about bear traps in the yard. As he yells to the Dr.; Carson’s leg gets caught in one and his screams bring some walkers that begin to swarm on him. Carson manages to get out the gun he found and take out a few. Gabriel finds his way to Carson and picks up the gun and his able to get off a shot killing the last one. (He thinks he had help from god.)

*Tara decides to take out Dwight and as the Saviors walk towards their area he runs out of the bushes and meets them. He asks about Laura (the girl who escaped his mutiny fire.) They have not seen her though. He leads the Saviors away from the swamps claiming he went through there and the Alexandrians weren’t in there.

*Rosita had been tracking Tara and Dwight and surprisingly doesn’t go off on Tara considering she sided with Daryl about Dwight’s value (SEE: The Bad.)

*Daryl screams at Tara for not waiting and is concerned Dwight will out them and vows to kill him.

*Gabriel helps Carson into a jeep just as the Saviors capture them. The Saviors put them in the back of the pickup truck and Gabriel tries to tell Carson that god is still leading the way. Carson says he sees it and reaches for one of the Savior’s guns and is shot and killed. They pack up Gabriel and leave for the Sanctuary.

*Daryl and crew arrive at Hilltop and Carol, Enid and Maggie learn about Carl’s death.

*Siddiq thanks Maggie and offers to be the medic there and she agrees.

*Eugene makes bullets and gives orders as Negan arrives with Gabriel. Gabriel labels Carson and Negan orders Eugene to use Gabriel to help make bullets and to push up production. Eugene offers catapults of walkers in the mean time to inflict damage on the Alexandrians. Negan okays the plan. Eugene puts him to work.

*Maggie agrees to let the prisoners out for exercise in pairs with quarter rations (for everyone). Gregory tries to get her and everyone to flee. She refuses.

*Just then Rick arrives with Michonne.

*Negan tells the Saviors to gunk up their weapons with Walker guts in the hopes to inflict walker death on the Hilltop.

The Good:

* Siddiq’s reaction shot to Enid’s learning of Carl’s death.

* Morgan telling Henry he killed his brother’s killer. In a way this lie is the truth. Gavin was ultimately responsible for his henchmen’s actions.

The Bad:

* I didn’t like the freak out dialog given to Daryl about Dwight getting away. I needed more reactions from Rosita as well as Tara.

* Why wasn’t Rosita angry at Tara for letting Dwight go?

* How can Daryl go from trusting Dwight about the Swamp recommendations and leading the Saviors from away from the Swamps to wanting to kill him? The anger against Tara makes sense (as far as losing a valuable insight into the Savior’s defenses). Dwight hasn’t double crossed them yet, so what why would Daryl think he was going to do that when so far Dwight has been above board?


* What happened to Heath?

* Did Gabriel finally get to Carson about having faith in God? Probably not…Perhaps it was more about having faith in their luck.


The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers

I give this episode a 70 out of a 100.

What’s with marking sections with characters names? That’s something usually done in trailers. I have been able to follow characters without this for 8 years, so why now?

It looks like Rick’s promise to Carl was just on the surface a good plan, however Carl’s details about how to execute it aren’t ones that Rick agrees with. I actually liked that. I also like Enid standing up to the Oceansiders about their killing of strangers (it did lead to Latanya’s death.) Not much again for Michonne here. I loved Negan and Simon not getting along; inner Savior conflict!

I liked Negan getting upset with Carl’s death. How much of Negan’s attempts at wearing down Rick will work? Probably not much. Will that cause Rick to go off on Negan? The balance against that is being true to Carl’s wishes.

Plot Summary with comments:

* Rick and Michonne pack up their things and leave Alexandria since the explosions have brought walkers. They leave Carl’s gun on his cross and try to put out a Gazebo that’s on fire that he used to sit on top of, however they end up leaving without success.

* On the road Rick finally reads his letter from Carl to Michonne which tells him to stop fighting. (See Unknown). They don’t understand how they are supposed to do that. Just surrender? Carl also wrote a letter to Negan telling him to stop fighting. and Rick wants to talk to Jadis. He thinks her group is in trouble since the Saviors saw them with Rick at the gates of the Sanctuary. Rick and Michonne go there and a booby trap locks them in the junkyard and it looks like all the trash people are now Walkers.


* Negan talks to Simon. There’s a disagreement about dealing with Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom. Simon wants to kill them all and start from scratch somewhere else. Negan wants Rick out of the way and feels they are fine where they are and the Alexandrians will be obedient after that. There’s definitely a power struggle. Negan is definitely keeping tabs on Simon. It looks like Simon is willing to go a lot further than Negan with being a dictator. Negan’s way is a more fascist enforced democracy which Simon doesn’t seem to have the patience for anymore.

* Maggie’s zombie message is delivered to Negan which sets off Simon emotionally because the captured men at Hilltop are his men from the Satellite Outpost.

* Negan orders Simon to get weapons from the Junkyard people after making an example of one them and to use them potentially in the war if needed.

* Cyndie debates killing Enid and Aaron at Oceanside for killing Latania. She decides not to and escorts them out of Oceanside. Enid warns her not to kill strangers which almost causes Cyndie to kill her. Enid heads back to Hilltop and Aaron decides to live in the woods to try and convince the Oceansiders to join their cause.

* Flashback and Simon goes to the landfill to convince the Garbage people to give up their guns and act remorseful. They give up their guns, however they don’t act remorseful enough for Simon which causes him to order them all killed but Jadis.

* Negan sent a spy group to see what Simon would do and knows the outcome. However Simon arrives back with the guns and lies to Negan about what he did; making it sound like he sacrificed one of them and now they were all alive and working for the Sanctuary. (I can’t wait to see what Negan does to Simon).

* Rick and Michonne escape the turned junkyard folks and see Jadis on the hill. She speaks in a normal voice instead of her short speaking. It sounds like a defeated summary detailing the ideal art community she was trying to set up; now destroyed. She tells Rick and Michonne they can get out the way they came. They fight their way out leaving Jadis to fend for herself. She lures her entire zombified junkyard folks to a mangler and turns it on turning them into a pile of dead sludge.

* At the same time Negan gets a call from Rick who tells him there’s a note from Carl for him and to stop fighting. Rick tells Negan that Carl is dead and Negan actually acts affected by Carl’s death. He blames Rick for Carl’s death in an attempt to undermine Rick’s decision making skills as a leader.

The Good:

* Enid Standing up to the Oceansiders about attacking strangers.

* I liked Negan being upset about Carl; blaming Rick is just him trying to psychologically wear down Rick. I don’t think that will work.

* Jaddis was finally herself (without the silly language). I am guessing the language was part of her art collective that she hoped would survive in this world. I think it’s a weird that they would founded an artist collective so focused on creating that they would not think of how they would need to survive on their own in a world where there are dangerous humans willing to end their existence at any time.

The Bad:

Aaron sticking in the woods by the Oceansiders made no sense to me.


* Simon asks about the Helipad at the dump and solar panels. Is She hiding something? Is Jadis the one with the Helicopter?

* What will Negan do to Simon for killing the garbage people.

* Didn’t Carl write a letter to Michonne? Why didn’t she read that back to Rick?